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Political Parties of The Republic of Ireland
The Green Party

Comhaontas Glas was founded in 1982 from an alliance of social movements and protest groups. The Party's electoral breakthrough came in 1989 when the first Green TD was elected.

This was followed by further electoral successes in local government elections, with another major breakthrough coming in the 1994 European elections when the electorate sent two Green MEPs to Brussels. The Party won two Dail seats at the 1997 General Election.

The motto of the Green Party is, Think Globally, Act Locally, and it puts this into practice by its activities on a number of social and environmental issues in Ireland.

It is linked with the European-wide Green movement, and with them is working for a sustainable, just and ecological world.

The Party has no leaders, with all positions within it rotating after one year. Experience has shown that an open, non-hierarchical party works the best.

The Party's headquarters are at 5A Upper Fownes St., Dublin 2.