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Political Parties of The Republic of Ireland
Sinn F�in
Modern Irish republicans trace the political origins of Sinn F�in to the movement of the United Irishmen and women of the 1790s.

Sinn F�in was founded in 1905 and the party, reorganised in 1917, was based on the demand for an Irish Republic.

Sinn F�in is organised throughout Ireland, north and south, and is now the third largest party on the island. We have over 100 Councillors, two MP's and one TD. Our recent success in the Assembly elections, when we had 18 representatives elected, will see Sinn F�in Ministers in the new Executive and the all-Ireland Ministerial Council.

The political landscape in Ireland is changing rapidly and Irish republicans are at the forefront of that change. In the last ten years Sinn F�in's peace strategy has delivered the Hume/Adams talks, the Irish Peace Initiative, the IRA cessations, inclusive dialogue and the present opportunity for peace. We are continuing to work towards our goal of Irish unity and independence.

Sinn F�in is a radical left-wing party committed to far reaching social, economic and political change. We see a 32 county republic as the best way to eradicate the range of inequalities that affect the people of this island. We are working with communities on the ground to achieve the establishment of a new Ireland based on genuine democracy, equality, respect for difference and justice at all levels of the economy and society.

Sinn F�in's vision is of a future in which people, whatever their social or economic status, are part of a society that affords them opportunity, dignity and the right to participate in the processes of power that affect their lives.
The leader of Sinn F�in is Gerry Adams MP.
The Party's Head Office is at 44 Parnell Square, Dublin 1.