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Political Parties of The Republic of Ireland
The Democratic Left was founded in 1992. The party has four members in the D�il. The party is organised in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Democratic Left last entered government as part of the coalition formed in December, 1994. Among the principal objectives of Democratic Left are:

  • the development of a pluralist, socialist society in Ireland
  • commitment to a positive neutrality for Ireland and global collective security
  • the incorporation of ecological principles into social, economic and political decision-making.
Party policy is decided at the Annual Delegate Conference which also elects the party leader and a National Executive Committee of 20 members.

Democratic Left is particularly committed to the achievement of gender equality in society and in its own internal structures. There is a minimum 40% gender quota on the party's NEC.

Democratic Left believes that neither traditional unionism nor traditional nationalism can provide a solution to the problems in Northern Ireland. The party belongs to a 'third strand' of political opinion which emphasises equal recognition of and respect for the opposing national allegiances which have been at the heart of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

The party is committed to the development of the European Union along democratic lines but is opposed to the emergence of an EU military super-power.

The leader of Democratic Left is Proinsias De Rossa.
The Party's address is 69 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin

In 1998 it merged with Labour.